Surviving THE BEAST!

You have 5 weeks of training time to prepare for the Beast.
Top Tips:1) Train on the route – the climbs are tough, the descents gnarly, the views insane;
2) Get the Right gear – 4 seasons in one day expected, be prepared;
3) Nutrition and Hydration – getting this wrong is the biggest reason for not finishing events, train with your race day food /drink choices.
4) Table Mountain is not flat – if you have not visited the Valley of the Red Gods, or Echo Valley, do so!
5) On Race Day – Don’t Start too fast! Slow down, it is a long way.
6) Be Realistic! – The Beast is deliberately a tough race. It is not an event to start trail running with. We do not take late entries on the day.

NEW – the Start /Finish zone has moved slightly to the Newlands Forest Picnic site.

T-Shirts: We are selling 2017 Beast T-shirts at R295 each. You can add these to your entry here

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Eat or be Eaten!