Survival Guide 101 to Bastille Trail & Rock Festival 2020

 Purchase your entry to our festival of freezing fun, coming up on  11th July, in Franschhoek,  at the Berg River Dam. 


 Here are some tips and hints from the experts to help you prepare:
  1. Send this Entry Link to your friends
  2.  You will not run a PB at this event , the trails are rough, sometimes random, and weird stuff happens along the way – eg swimming through a stream, Old Brown Sherry ‘Water Table’ and tamed ‘wild’ animals;
  3. Forget training by running around the roads,  rather fill your shorts with ice blocks and try climb over your roof 20 times!  This will prepare you mentally, fitness will follow naturally.
  4.  Book accommodation in Franschhoek now , as you will not be in a state to drive home after the post-race festival of live bands, Craft beer and laughs every minute. There are hot showers, free massage spa and a chill zone.
  5. Nutrition – have lots of it! Polar Bears, Seals, Whales that live at the North Pole are not skinny for good reason, fatten up your reserves, eat like a Champion.
  6. Gear – pleeeeeease use thermal layering. Rugby shorts and Comrades vest is not enough.

Lots of love…