TMC – Energy to Burn!

We are as disappointed as you are. We were ready to pull off a great Rebooted TMC, with many new faces excited for the Llandudno Ravine climb, and a cold CBC beer at the finish.

 The 2020 dice rolled, Murphy won, lit a fire and we had the rocky carpet pulled out from under us!

 We are not going to reschedule TMC to another date this year. 

 We have had to cancel twice this year, each time we lose out on significant costs.

There are enough events now scheduled every weekend in W.Cape for the next 2 months.

Table Mountain trails are smothered. Lockdown has shown 1000s of Capetonians what an amazing mountain we have, but it means the trails for racing are somewhat crowded on good weather days and weekends – we need to rethink how to operate Trail running races within these new dynamics.

Our style for Trail Running events is to offer you a good quality adventure, an affordable challenge and a good laugh with your running mates.

Unless we can assure you of this, it is better to look towards 2021. Ideally we return to our Winter dates when the trails are quieter.

At this stage, we are hopeful that 2021 normalises, but there is currently no certainty of this. We note that traditional large Cape Town events (cycling, road running) have not opened their entries and things may be looking a bit bleak for the first quarter of 2021, which we are sure is not what you would like to hear!

On the positive side, Trail Running events, with small numbers and well-spaced out distancing are operating. Our Cederberg Traverse was soulful and sublime. Otter trail run and JMC have also had a blast.

 So, what happens to your TMC entry money? 

Once we gain some certainty in the New Year, we hope to have a decent offer for you, along the lines of a rollover to TMC 2021, or a decent discount of the value you have spent to be used on one of our other events, like Bastille or Cederberg Traverse. We cannot formally commit to this now, as we do not have permits to operate these events yet, and we have the concerns re what may happen with gatherings in general.

We can only operate with happy customers and it is our intention to put you into happy space. Nobody likes losing money. We’ve lost a bomb, but intend to build back up again.

Your Timing Card, Bracelet?

The BoutTime Timing Card you have is a temporary chip and we need to return it. Thus, we have a small incentive for you (a CBC beer) to take the trouble to drop your timing card off at  Pulse Sports Shop in Hout Bay, Mon – Fri 9am – 4pm, Sat 9am -12:30pm , or please email us and we will arrange collection/ other drop off points.

We are very keen to hear from you. You may have clearer thoughts, better ideas for us on the way forward. This is a space we have never been in before. Energy Events have operated without cancellations for almost 20 years.

Good news super November Abseil special. 

Team Energy Events